Let’s face it: going to the dentist is not most people’s top priority.  It is something that easily falls to the wayside, and many people do not want to inconvenience themselves with scheduling regular visits.  These preventative visits to your dentist in West Chicago are a lot more beneficial than people realize, though.  Not only is preventative care much more affordable than restorative care, but these visits also make for a much more pleasurable trip to the dentist.
Although you might think you are saving money by skipping those regular visits, it will be significantly more expensive when you do decide to stop in to visit your dentist in West Chicago.  Not only will you need a thorough cleaning that you should have had months, or even years, ago, but you will also need to fix a more pressing problem that could have been avoided.  If you keep up with your visits to your dentist in West Chicago, you will ultimately save money.  Your semi-annual cleaning is much more affordable than that root canal that you now need because you skipped it. 
You should not wait until you are stranded on a highway to re-fuel your car, just like you should not wait until you know something is wrong to stop by your dentist in West Chicago for a checkup.  You should not be in pain when you are making an appointment; that’s when you know you are too late.  It is always nice to hear that you are still cavity-free and that your teeth will remain that way, as opposed to finding out that you have multiple cavities that now need to be drilled and filled.  You may need that cleaning more than you realized, and if you actively work to swing by your dentist in West Chicago, it is less likely that you will ever have to make a dreadfully painful visit.
Although making a trip to visit your dentist in West Chicago might sound inconvenient and costly, preventative care is much more affordable than restorative care, and it is much more pleasant to maintain your teeth than to fix them.  Go ahead and make that appointment to see your dentist in West Chicago.  Don’t wait ‘til it hurts!
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Gum disease has a way of sneaking up on people.  The warning signs are there, but you do not see them as threatening, or you choose to disregard them.  It begins with a little blood in the sink while brushing and flossing.  You notice it, but you ignore it, and the blood eventually goes away.  That does not mean that the gum disease is gone, though.  On the contrary, it means that it has progressed to the next stage.  Left untreated, plague will continue to build up, and gum disease will lead to tooth loss.  If you visit your dentist in West Chicago regularly, though, you will be able to avoid this issue.  Your dentist in West Chicago wants to help.
Gum disease is caused by the presence of plaque on gums and teeth.  Over time, the plaque produces toxins that weaken and eventually destroy gum tissue and teeth.  Brushing alone will not prevent this, so it is very important to floss daily.  Sometimes, even this is not enough.  When this plaque continues to build up, it eventually hardens into tartar, leading to infection and inflammation.  Tartar can only be removed through a professional cleaning, so it is very important to make an appointment with your dentist in West Chicago in order to prevent further infection.
Some symptoms of gum disease include bleeding, tenderness of gums, presence of puss between your teeth and gums, and chronic bad breath.  Also, your gums may be pulling away from your teeth, your bite may change, or you may experience a looseness or separation of your teeth from your gums.  If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately visit your dentist in West Chicago.  If you address the problem immediately, you can reverse these effects and preserve your teeth.  If you continue to ignore the warning signs, though, it will result in teeth loss, and you will soon be forced to merely maintain the disease so that it does not continue to worsen, as opposed to reversing it altogether.
It is extremely important to regularly visit your dentist in West Chicago.  Your dentist in West Chicago is able to thoroughly examine and clean your teeth so that you don’t have to.  Through proper preventive care and regular checkups, your dentist in West Chicago ensures that his patients can keep all of their teeth for all of their lives.
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Dentist in West Chicago Offers Affordable Care

Dr. Hetal Patel, West Chicago dentist, opened the doors of his brand new dental practice, West Chicago Dental Works, earlier this year. The office offers a very family friendly atmosphere. He aims to continually provide high quality dentistry at affordable prices.

As one of the few dentists in the West Chicago area that accepts public aid, Dr. Patel is pleased to provide care to families that otherwise may struggle affording care. He believes that every person should have access to affordable and quality care for them and their families, adults and children alike.

By utilizing some of the most current dental technology in a modern and comfortable dental office, Dr. Patel’s patients enjoy their experience. His staff is kind and friendly and the doors are always open to new patients. Whether patients seek a gentle touch, affordable care, or a top notch facility, West Chicago Dental Works has it all.

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First impressions can mean everything. And often times, a person’s appearance speaks for them, before they even enter into a conversation. Having a bright, healthy white smile can speak volumes. A beautiful and flawless smile can give you the confidence you need in any situation, and allows you an outlet to showcase your inner beauty on the outside.

Dr. Hetal Patel and staff are dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality dental care throughout the entire visit. At West Chicago Dental Works, patient satisfaction and comfort are top priorities. This Dentist West Chicago enjoys working with patients to provide specialized dental care that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Dr. Patel, Dentist West Chicago, is in the business of creating smiles that will last for years to come. The team at West Chicago Dental Works is able to take care of patients of all ages, from adults to young children, because of the extensive variety of services offered. Effectively providing smiles to patients is through processes of restorative and cosmetic dentistry combined. Therefore, whether patients are looking for a whole new smile, or to renew their smile to its former glory, your Dentist West Chicago is ready and able to help.

Combining restorative and cosmetic dentistry offers patients access to multiple services such as: crowns and bridges, tooth colored fillings, veneers, and teeth whitening. One of the most popular and sought after services that Dr. Patel, Dentist West Chicago, offers is teeth whitening. Whether the services are offered in the dental office or steps are taken to allow patients to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own homes, there is an option specific to each patient’s needs. There are many types of teeth whitening that dentists can employ, but all provide patients with whiter smiles.

A smile is one of the first things that someone notices about you when you first meet, and Dr. Hetal Patel works with patients to ensure that each have flawless smiles. A bright and healthy smile can give you the self-confidence and optimism to tackle any and all of life’s challenges. This Dentist West Chicago can provide you with your new dental home, with the experience of caring for patients of all ages for years. Visit West Chicago Dental Works and create a brilliant smile that will start speaking for you when you walk into a room. 

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