Dentist West Chicago

Dentist West Chicago

Dentist West Chicago

Welcome to West Chicago Dental Works! 

Your Dentist West Chicago, Dr. Hetal Patel and staff are committed to providing patients in the West Chicago area with the highest quality dental care. We offer the very best services in a comfortable and professional manner from a dentist that you know and trust. We provide a complete range of services from preventative and restorative care to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. Our office specializes in treatment for the entire family, treating patients of all ages. With our experienced and friendly staff, we make scary visits to the dentist a thing of the past!

West Chicago Dental Works is a newly opened dental practice in the heart of West Chicago. Located right off of Roosevelt and Rt 59, it’s easy to get to with plenty of available parking.

Using new and innovative technology your Dentist West Chicago has created West Chicago Dental Works as a chartless office, with brand new equipment and chairs. Its design helps create an environment of comfortability and friendliness combined with professionalism and innovation.

Our qualified and experienced doctors and staff are committed to excellence and are dedicated to providing you with the best service and treatment possible.  Dr. Hetal Patel, Dentist West Chicago, believes that having a positive relationship between a doctor and patient plays a crucial role in providing treatment.  Ensuring communication and comfort between our staff and patients allow for us to offer the optimal treatment for a smile that you deserve.

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